Jersey Boys Tour

It usually doesn’t become news when one cast member changes in an ensemble production type of show unless that cast member is a celebrity. For example, who could tell you the number of Blue Men that have been in the Venetian show throughout the years. You would think the same thing would happen when there was a cast change in the Jersey Boys. However, the departure of Erich Bergen, who was playing Bob Gaudio, from the Jersey Boys has been generating a lot of attention from the media. Part of the reason for this is because Bergen has been quite active within the local community. However it is also due to Alicia Jacobs, an entertainment reporter with KVBC Channel 3, breaking the story on Twitter.

In her Tweet Alicia said she was furious to find out that the Jersey Boys had let her friend Erich Bergen go from the show and told not to return after his vacation.

The Jersey Boys public relation firms then issued a statement after there were numerous media requests. The statement said that the departure of Erich Bergen from the Las Vegas Jersey Boys cast was being negotiated and that all of the parties had agree to not publicly discuss the details.

We don’t usually go around second guessing cast directors or even know where there have been changes in a show. We usually don’t keep track of cast changes, for example, in Cirque shows. Or what about Peepshow? We hear about Holly Madison’s contract extension or about Mel B leaving, but did anyone hear anything about Katie Webber? Who is that? She is a former contestant of American Idol who happened to have a solo spot. She ended up leaving the show at some point but most of us didn’t hear about it. Production show cast changes happen all the time.

Or take another example, the Luxor topless show called Fantasy. Stephanie the singer is being replaced. There hasn’t been any announcement, and she has been in the show for years. Stephanie is in her forties. Her role is a covered one and her outfits are as much a part of the scene as her voice is. Since it’s an adult show her replacement is probably going to be younger. Hopefully she will be as good a singer as Stephanie is. You don’t see too many people that age in any of the topless shows even when they are clothed. Show business can be brutal. The dancers at Crazy Horse get weighed on a regular basis. Even when you do all the right things a show sometimes changes things just to do something different. We will just have to wait and see who the replacement for Bergen is to really have an opinion on changes to the Guadio actors for the Jersey Boys Vegas production.

There is one wild card when it comes to the Palazzo’s Jersey Boys. Its success seems to be suspended in gravity. It’s a great show but it’s hard to give a full explanation for its success, especially given that it’s a musical that has some serious dramatic content. The show has been able to survive on the Strip for over a year. Other shows like Spamalot, Producers, Avenue Q and Hairspray were not able to achieve that. It seems like part of the success of Jersey Boys has been that the cast, and in particular Bergen, have worked very hard to cultivate good vibes within the local community. However the show is a very good one, and it would be a shame to jeopardize those good community vibes due to a change in cast. The fact that this is even a story is surprising.

By admin On September 22, 2009